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duo for two clarinets | two Bb clarinets


    I. Chant

    II. Dance

    III. Reflection


"Duo for Two Clarinets" was written for clarinetist Celeste Case-Ruchala. The first movement, 'Chant', focuses on overtones and microtones. The second movement, 'Dance', employs an extended technique called demi-clarinet, which is achieved by attaching the mouthpiece to the lower joint of the clarinet. The third and final movement, 'Reflection', is a duet between the demi-clarinet and another extended technique called the clari-flute, where the performer removes the mouthpiece and barrel and plays the clarinet like an end-blown flute.

performed by:

Celeste Case-Ruchala and Patrick Englert, clarinets

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