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petrichor | euphonium, percussion, and electronics


'petrichor' was commissioned and performed by the Moreau | VanTuinen Duo for euphonist Danielle VanTuinen and percussionist Danielle Moreau.

The word, 'petrichor', refers to the pleasant smell following a heavy rain, particularly after a drought or dry spell. Growing up in the desert in Arizona, I always looked forward to this scent during the monsoon season, the period of time during the summer that the desert sees the most rainfall. It is a pervasive smell that attaches itself to everything outside, from the ground, to the plants, to the air. This piece is a reflection on the peace and calm I experience during a summer storm. The euphonium acts as a harbinger, echoing for more rain to be brought to the earth as it interacts with the percussion. The electronic portion of the work includes a sound file I recorded of a strong summer thunderstorm from my porch as well as altered audio of night sounds that act as a prelude to the storm.

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