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to dust | string quartet


"To Dust" emerged from my thoughts and reflections on death. I began the piece as a filter for the grief I was experiencing when I was informed that my good friend’s young brother, whom I had shared many experiences with died in a tragic accident. A few months later, a young man I attended high school with suddenly passed away to everyone’s surprise. Then, on February 20th, 2015, my father suddenly passed away in his sleep from a heart attack. The piece is ultimately dedicated to him, as he was and continues to be my main musical influence and inspiration.


The piece begins with a melodic fragment that continues to punctuate the various textures presented. The melody begins to take form and then resolves into a small chorale tune designed to represent a triumph over grief, sorrow, and ultimately death.

Performed by the Herberger String Quartet:
Xiaolin Li, violin
Tee Tang, violin
Yen-Fang Chen, viola
Ruth Wenger, cello

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